Jason Kocol
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guitar and vocals


'F.U. Frankengrind' by Jonez Guitarz, Dean Vendetta, Mesa-Boogie Triple Rectifier & cabinets, Boss Super Shifter, D'Addario 10 gauge strings, iPod sampler

Date of Birth:

February 4, 1975

Other Occupation:

Music Composing JERK

Other Group Affiliations:

(current) Impaled; (former) Madera Road, The Unicorn Stickers, Puny Humans, Century Quartet, suburban, The Lane 29 Orchestra


"If you can't wear a spandex jumpsuit, what CAN you do?"

Jason Kocol's 'F.U. Frankengrind'

Allen Jones of Jonez Guitarz masterfully hand-crafted a guitar of Jason's design, hereby dubbed F.U. Frankengrind! From Jason's initial sketches to the final product, Allen ensured that the guitar would achieve maximum playability on every fret and have the fullest sound possible. The instrument completely exceeded Jason's expectations when it was first debuted at the Death After Life CD release show in San Francisco. He will be playing F.U. (as it's affectionately known) exclusively in Impaled, as he finds it's the most visually-impacting guitar he's ever owned.

Jonez Guitarz - Makers of the F.U. Frankengrind!