Dementia Rex
© 2019 IMPALED


2003 conceptual split CD with emetic grinders Haemorrhage. Re-released as a digipack in 2018.

Impaled songs:

1. Survival of the Sickest
2. Deranged
3. The Patients are Revolting
4. Psycho-Surgery
5. Bedlam
6. Surgikill
7. Helga Lost Her Head (Repulsion cover)


Andrew LaBarre - Hypno-Therapy
Sean McGrath - Insulin-Shock Therapy
Ross Sewage - Surgikill Therapy
Raul Varela - Elektro-Shock Therapy

Additional musicians:

Klint Meuser - voice-over
Laurie Sue Shanaman - voice-over
Rachél Hopkins - voice-over


Recorded by Andrew LaBarre at Soundwave Studios, 2003
Mixed by Andrew LaBarre at DigitSound, 2003
Mastered by Andrew LaBarre at DigitSound, 2003
Re-mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound, 2018


cover - Ross Sewage, Sean McGrath, Raul Varela, Eric Radey
back cover - Luisma Xysma
typography - Sean McGrath
layout - Ross Sewage, Eric Radey
model - Klint Meuser


Razorback Records (2003)
Splatter Zombie Records


1. Survival of the Sickest
music - Ross Sewage
text - Ross Sewage

2. Deranged
music - Andrew LaBarre
lyrics - Ross Sewage

By minacious wards detained
Fuliginous lazaretto
A mephitis contained
In epinosic ghettos

By bonds, incommoded on the palodal floor
Fungal growths' spores permeate pleura
Bronchia inflamed and infection of the jugular

Trachomal conjunctivitis
Suffering colitis
Dyschezia leaves me deranged

Bacterial meningitis
From unhygienic conditions
Microbes gorge on dura mater
Distorting my encephalon

Sequestered in the pitch
Given pause to ruminate
Obsessing on my malefactors
Festering unbridled hate

Empowering the id
Homicidal rage
Conjugation in my head
Necro-neural rampage

(solo: "Fitibulating Moneosis and the Spondilation of Neologisms" by A.S. LaBarre)

Confinement sought as psychological panacea
Malpractical solution, a Hippocratic crime
Bed sores nourish a querulous nature
And from the onset of hebephrenia, I'm deranged

3. The Patients are Revolting
music - Sean McGrath and Andrew LaBarre
lyrics - Ross Sewage

Accorded to general population
Delusional psychosis, my sickness
Rallying a schizophrenic aggregation
Stoking the fires of madness
Death for the doctors... we'll execute
Victims of aesculapian abuse
Death dealing proctors... final judgement
Malicious dissent

Misfiring nodes of Ranvier are pulsing
Dendrites and axons cause afebrile convulsing

Egress secured in a time of ennui
Our charges detained with surgical tape
Nurses and orderlies regret apathy
Their perseity systematically raped
The sick are in charge... our will resolute
A grand hecatomb is not in dispute
The sickness discharged... a sane ascent
Sovereignty claimed with corpora rent

We are the walking dead
Our sanity is bled
Treatments so insulting
The patients are revolting

Metatarsals and tibia are cleaved by hobbling
Contusions and avascular necrosis cause throbbing
Phalanges are expelled from the appendicular
Neurogenic shock, a feeling so peculiar

Cranial bludgeoning
Coronal suture I pry
Cerebral haemorrhaging
You will die

Trachea implode, causatum of external pressure
Vitriolic strength from ire beyond measure
Vascular systems beset with oxidosis to accrue
Hematemesis, a sanguinary spew

Fouling the bedlam
Madmen are skulking
Ensanguined and lousy

(solo: "Fustigation as Somatic Therapy" by A.S. LaBarre)
(solo: "Judge, Jury, and Deontologist" by S.C. McGrath)

Our quarters furnished with chartreuse cadavers
Accessories whose ends we've meted out
Their final words, a mucoid lather
Their final breaths, petered out
Physicians are next... we are quite vexed
Our protest is given murderous context
Physicians we'll wreck... we'll break their necks
Under my ascendancy as Dementia Rex

We are the walking dead
Our sanity is bled
Treatments so insulting
The patients are revolting

4. Psycho-Surgery
music - Ross Sewage
lyrics - Ross Sewage

Mongoloid myrmidons gather up the senior staff
Inept neurologists and psychiatric riff-raff
Inhumane treatment and resultant injury
Retributed as we perfom psycho-surgery

Governors of bedlam
Your skulls we will trepan
Intentional dysesthesia
You'll get no anaesthesia

Speculums applied to their maws, pastille dumped therein
Prozac* and Xanax* are used to sap psyche within
Blunt force trauma is induced to quell any objections
The doctors will be heeled in our therapeutic sessions

Ozone emits as primers are pumped
Interrupted galvanism
Current unleashed as safeties are trumped
Tongues guillotined by mandibles jumped
Induced faradism
Post-glossectomy, their speech is stumped

Drilling cranium
Digging for claustrum
Reveal cerebrum
Thalamus is sliced
Frontal lobe is diced
A straightjacket's sized
You're lobotomized

Governors of bedlam
We've cracked your brain pan
Churlish minds now euphoric
From therapy so barbaric

Prefrontal leukotomy
Squelching neural storms
Ignorant bliss and apathy
Once we have performed psycho-surgery

*Prozac is a registered trademark of Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals
*Xanax is a registered trademark of Pharmacia & Upjohn Pharmaceuticals

5. Bedlam
music - Ross Sewage and Sean McGrath
lyrics - Ross Sewage

Vested in dementopia, government by lunatic
Vestiges of hysteria in a legal system so sick
A sovereign sanatorium, the policy of rule is insane
Where moral restraints are overrun, Dementia Rex is to blame

An ataxic coup is growing nascent
Amok motivations are ingravescent

Doctors deposed and jugulated in our white house of padded cages
Our politico self-mandated, but psychosis will increase in stages
Lacking the nourishment of maternity, we deemed ourselves brothers
But found no solace in fraternity as the mad drew blood from each other

Mansuete masses, the first to expire
In a congerie of faeces, a visage is mired
De-calcified ossuaries to break
Waifen, flesh bags left cold and prostrate
Dominance asserted with fisticuffs
With shattered dentine, a countenance is stuffed
Indoctrinated to pugilist acts
A riot of two thousand maniacs

The guts strewn from patulous torsos
Our corpus juris in its final death throes

Stewardship, icarian
From unrestrained sadism
A society undone
It's a bloody bedlam
Our hamartia's spun
When scum is killing scum
Thirsting for carrion
It's a fucking bedlam

(solo: "Marshall Law" by A.S. LaBarre)
(solo: "The Atrocity Exhibition" by S.C. McGrath)
(solo: "Politics Make Strange Dead Fellows" by A.S. LaBarre)
(solo: "The Road to Hellville" by S.C. McGrath)

No hope for mad minds, no hope for mankind

Decerebration will clear their heads
Total diaschisis will leave them for dead

A masochistic population makes an abbatoir of the asylum
No control over desquamation, Dementia Rex a panjandrum
Suffering echopraxia as our late doctors' butchery is imitated
Internecine bouts prove dour as my kingdom is extirpated

A charnel house where bloodlust doth reign
Extremities snapped and craniums brained
A gallimaufry of prone brethren
Organs excised and ordure placed therein
From a praetorian psyches devolution
An arterial spray, the fruits of revolution
With grumous gore, the halls are replete
As cardial pulses surcease their beats

Stewardship, icarian
From unrestrained sadism
A society undone
It's a bloody bedlam
Our hamartia's spun
When scum is killing scum
Thirsting for carrion
It's a fucking bedlam

6. Surgikill
music - Andrew LaBarre

7. Helga Lost Her Head
music - Repulsion
lyrics - Repulsion