The Last Gasp
© 2008 IMPALED


2007 album.


1. G.O.R.E.
2. Sickness is Health
3. The Visible Man
4. You are the Dead
5. All Gut, No Glory
6. Up the Dose
7. Torture of Duty
8. Masters of Ordure
9. Right to Die
10. Dawn of the Dread
11. The Last Gasp


Sean McGrath - Minister of Medicine
Jason Kocol - Minister of Science
Ross Sewage - Minister of Filth
Raul Varela - Minister of Depravity

Additional musicians:

The St. Julien's Bourbon Street Players


Drums recorded by Brad Koblyczak at Head Change Studios, May 2007
Guitars, bass, vocals, and dixieland outro recorded by Jason Kocol at Hhhhey Studios, May-June 2007
Mixed by Impaled and Brad Koblyczak at Head Change Studios, July-August 2007
Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering, September 2007


cover and layout - Impaled and Ross Sewage
band photo - Ross Sewage and Scott Bryan
cover model - Shannon Lark


Willowtip Records - CD North America
Candlelight Records U.K. - CD Europe
Embrace My Funeral Records - CD Latin America


1. G.O.R.E.
music - Sean McGrath
lyrics - Ross Sewage

Offal issued forth is our
Effluvial froth causes a
On this pitch, your roll is
Ending life as reeking gore

Orange agents make conflagrant
Ensanguined steaming heaps, what
Osseal gas from comburent
Ensmulting piles of turgid gore

Is a force that gives us meaning
Is a force that leaves you screaming

Gunned down at the waist
Out comes human waste
Reaping a battery
Exploding batteries
Gristle for the cannon
Offered for our canon
Relinquish your arms
Employing our arms

(solo: "Debris All That You Can Be" - S.C. McGrath)


Is a force that gives us meaning
Is a force that leaves you screaming

2. Sickness is Health
music - Jason Kocol
lyrics - Ross Sewage

The lowest dregs of humanity
With "bad blood" we recruit
Syphilitic beneficiaries
Ethical points are moot

Chancres observed on genitals
Lymph nodes begin to swell
Amelioration we will stall
Urination must be hell

Sickness is health

Observe the rashes, the meningismus
And broad lesional sores
Withhold the benzathine penicillin
The patient must die to learn more

Gore is peace
Vigor is slavery
Madness is strength
Sickness is health

Your sexual proclivity
A prejudice on which we wagered
Diagnosed, and we were stoked
To watch as your health wavered

Gummas form inside the marrow
It's all so interesting
The sight of your aortic collapse
You'll find quite arresting

Sickness is health

Health care administered to the death
As the bacterium eats your brain
Meningovascular infection
We sit idle as you go insane

Suffer for the common good
Assume uninformed consent
Gratitude for your sacrifice
At your autopsy, we present

Sickness is health

3. The Visible Man
music - Sean McGrath
lyrics - Ross Sewage

Deoxyribonucleic acid
Blueprint for life
Human genetic information
Causatum of strife
Polymer of nucleotides
Map every point
Sequencing the protein code
Ours to exploit

Encoding the chromosomes
A DNA bank
Profiling every base pair
Forensic mountebank
Codons replication to regulate
Data in slumber
Every man, woman, child
We've got your number

Humanity we'll dissect
Inhumane genome project
Encoding all that we can
Creating the visible man

Collecting every string
For tracking everything
Patenting all your genes
For vending your being

(solo: "DNA, RNA, the AMA, and an MBA" - S.C. McGrath)

Samples biological, questions philosophical
Privatizing eugenics to control the amoral
Ambitions are transfixed on the double helix
Bereft of a paddle, you're headed up the river Styx

Civil liberties exsiccate, driven by your fear
Fingerprints of disease and disorders engineered
Aggregating profiles of your Achilles' heels
Corporeal confidentials are ours to steal

Will of the Rxxx
Inhumane genome project
Fleecing all with our plan
Controlling the visible man

4. You are the Dead
music - Jason Kocol
lyrics - Ross Sewage

Ticking off the subjects in a queue of the damned
Fungible commodities to hoodwink and scam

Devouring our meds as your body wastes away
The side effects are cancer, rotten gums, and decay
You can't control the nausea or diarrheic shit
We have a pill for that but it will cost you quite a bit

The tumours are spreading and they won't go away
Poisons are injected to keep them at bay
To counter the poison, we have here a pill
We can't make you better if we don't make you ill

As tens of thousands die, our profits are sky high
We'll drain your coffers dry; you are the dead
A sordid little tryst, we're in up to the wrist
It's useless to resist; you are the dead

Choking down the meds through a bolus of snot
If this is really living, I'd think you'd rather not

Picking at your lesions can be such a crushing bore
But our new antidepressant keeps you crying out for more
You'll need them when you find out how they've riddled your brain
The boys down in the lab are making something for the pain

You can't get to sleep until you've been sedated
The pain in your liver cannot be abated
Your kidneys malfunction and your nerves are a wreck
Just keep taking our pills and keep signing the checks

Metastisizing, the cancer devours
The Reaper grimly hovers
Admitted to a hospice to rot on a mattress
You'd better hope you're covered

Contagion; infection; solution: extinction

(solo: "Ethics and the Pharmaceutical Industry" - J. Kocol)

Necrotizing flesh makes a mess of the bed
The nurses don't care because you are the dead

Not long for this earth, you have to come to grips
They've taken out the feeding tube and intravenous drip
The light is slowly fading, the voices are unclear
This has not been your year

As tens of thousands die, your deductible's sky high
We'll drain your coffers dry; you are the dead

5. All Gut, No Glory
music - Ross Sewage
lyrics - Ross Sewage

Blubbering gelatinous mass of lipids and pendulant flesh
An ovoidal organism cursed with cognizance
Bereft of bones, nerves and veins, osmotically gorged
An abhorrent creation, by medical science forged

Corpulent meat, a shambling mess
Birthed in a test tube
Slathered on top with green jelly
For passing as food

(solo: "The Obesity Epidemic" - S.C. McGrath)

Suckling agar in a petri dish
G.M.O. fœtus
Oils are polyunsaturated
Man-made to nourish
Genetic recombination
The meal is now us

Guts excised, limbs paralyzed
Gamma knife neurectomy: all gut, no glory
Sickly obese, brain wave ceased
Excoriating autonomy: all gut, no glory

Once a part of mankind
By doctors, redefined
The spine removed from the back
Now a craven haversack

(solo: "Eat Fast, Die Young, and Leave a Bloated Corpse" - J. Kocol)

Guts excised, limbs paralyzed
Gamma knife neurectomy: all gut, no glory
Sickly obese, brain wave ceased
Excoriating autonomy: all gut, no glory

Gross protuberance
No time for foods masticated
Bio-tech fed with fluids
Frankenfood we have created

Eat! Barf!

Oleaginous being mired in diaphoresis
Left to linger, adipose, suffering in weakness
With genes from yourself and with a few from the zoo
The dish best served cold is you

6. Up the Dose
music - Sean McGrath
lyrics - Sean McGrath

Crestfallen and dejected
Wracked with disorder and guilt
Fleeting successes are empty and crumbling
On foundations of trivia, built

Pills to ease your suffering are Pyrrhically proposed

Clinically depressed or just feeling morose? Up the dose
A cursory inspection and you'll be diagnosed; up the dose

Anxiety eats at your stomach
A feeling you've come to accept
The ephemeral comfort of self-aggrandizement
A promise not easily kept

A life spent with banality and platitudes, engrossed

Clinically depressed or just feeling morose? Up the dose
A cursory inspection and you'll be diagnosed; up the dose

Apathy, passivity
Vexation is enshrouded in a chemical gloss
Impenitent, irrelevant
Your lack of personality is no great loss

The potions take their toll
Your will is bought and sold
And broken mind made whole

(solo: "Pills Before Swine" - S.C. McGrath)

Tablets imbibed with detachment
A fixed and emotionless smile
Reality looms with a tenebrous grin
From the dregs in the pharmacist's vial

Refill your prescription for the spectacles of rose

Clinically depressed or just feeling morose? Up the dose
A cursory inspection and you'll be diagnosed; up the dose

Drifting through life in a fugue state
Your brain all but rotten away
To audit behaviour was never an option
You opted for mental decay

Hazy dreams of life before your mind was comatose

Clinically depressed or just feeling morose? Up the dose
A cursory inspection and you'll be diagnosed; up the dose

7. Torture of Duty
music - Jason Kocol
lyrics - Ross Sewage

From an abortive intifada
Combatants are persona non grata
Locked into dank isolation
Sequestered from the population
Made to repose in fæces
Excised from the human species

Walloped and left with hematomata
Disfiguring dermal substrata

Ministry of Love
Asylum of beauty
Fulfilling orders
A torture of duty

Your pain, my medical expertise
Fractured ribs make you wheeze
Calcitrating your abdomen
Beneath my boot, forever pinned

Smashing a sole into your wounds
With micturition, your head is festooned
Genital burns from phosphoric acid
Sizzling glans is permanently flaccid
A metal baton, you will now find
Securely fastened where the sun doesn't shine

Attached to the nipples, electric clamps
Two hundred volts make you crap your pants

In Camp X-Ray
A depraved deputy
Two years hate
A torture of duty

Elbow torquing
Water boarding
Positions stressed
Lago confess

Sanctioned pain from the state will persist
For enemy combatants who don't exist

Your pain, my medical expertise
Fractured ribs make you wheeze
Calcitrating your abdomen
Beneath my boot, forever pinned

8. Masters of Ordure
music - Jason Kocol
lyrics - Ross Sewage

Head to the latrine because you are moved
By a stool wishing to be removed
The colon blows as fissures tear
An exit that's worse for the wear

Into the pipes the fecalith rushes
To join its comrades from 2,000 flushes
Mass of detritus culled from your bung
Aggregating heaps of the dung

Abdominal pain
Sphincter is strained
Sickening mass
Former repast

The sewage du jour
Masters of ordure

Cost-cutting measures are our pleasure
Problems addressed as profit's depressed
What's the solution for the pollution?

Human health stymies inhuman wealth
With feculent flow reservoirs grow
Halt sanitation, clean water privation
For the poor population

(solo: "Civilization and Its Dissed Contents" - J. Kocol)

Shit, filth, waste, bung
Crap, dregs, drek, dung

Filters removed from rivers of turd
Civic responsibility? Absurd!
Snaking its way through antique plumbing
Unaware of the shit storm coming

From your faucet, an aperitif
Reeking of chyme and bowel relief
Slake your thirst with dysentery
The taste is something exemplary

Returned to you
An E. Coli brew
Fill up your glass
It's fresh from your ass

Masters of ordure

9. Right to Die
music - Ross Sewage, Sean McGrath
lyrics - Ross Sewage

Terminal brain death, skin pocked by bed sores
Mockery of sentience on life support

A feeding tube to insert
Your last wishes to pervert

Dignity denied, an existence to deplore

Platitudes and convictions defending life, we'll offer
So long as there's no cæsura to bills that fill our coffers

Atrophy as muscles wither, alive with decay
Pulmonary function maintained by machines everyday

Vile secretions are collected
Hydrating saline is injected

Hopeless is the cause, still we grind away

Rest in peace we deny
You can have no right to die
Diatribes to deny
Your amoral right to die

A conscienceless will not perceive prolonged suffering
Your pale, half-dead corpse employed for a martyring

A somnambulist to parade
During our right-wing tirade

For us, your vegetative state is all empowering

(solo: "Operation: Life... Sucks" - J. Kocol)

You have lost your right to die

Right to die

10. Dawn of the Dread
music - Jason Kocol
lyrics - Ross Sewage

Mucous dripping from your rectum
Tears roll down your cheeks
Deviating your septum
Halitosis reeks

Organs will ensmultify
Out the maw will flow your sick
As rectal pain intensifies
"A sweeping viral pandemic!"

Tapping your spines, weak and resigned
Dawn of the dread
Imagineering a plague for fearing
Dawn of the dread

Hematomata dot your skin
Anal fissures crack and peel
Blood congealing from within
Parasites attack with zeal

Leaking pox and gruesome boils
Burning fever rips your brain
With excrement, pants are soiled
"Dementia drives you insane!"

(solo: "Universal Health Scare" - S.C. McGrath)

A neurosis from parti pris
Dawn of the dread
Misrepresent maladies present
Dawn of the dread

(solo: "The Sickness Assurance Industry" - J. Kocol)

Weeping pus from every pore
Pearly pyodermal clots
Unnamed sickness to abhor
"Hope is all for naught!"

Marshall power making you cower
Dawn of the dread
Prevaricate disease to create
Dawn of the dread

11. The Last Gasp
music - Sean McGrath
lyrics - Ross Sewage

You are the chosen ones
Dubious honor to endure
Castigate your beggared homes
As filthy and unpure
Gorged on dihydrogen-oxide
To depollute
Your domiciles are sanctified
No longer dissolute

Awash in discharged fluids
Their lungs are now imbued
Succumbing to the big drink
A poly-chemical stew
Tongues are soaked in oil
Bowels evacuating gore
The future of this ghetto ward
On Davy Jones's floor

Gale waves unleashed
From the levee that we blew
We did it all years before
Back four-score minus two
Drown the poor like rats
With our tæniafuge
This is the final gasp
Give heed to the great deluge

(solo: "Unchained Malady" - S.C. McGrath)
(solo: "Killing You Swiftly" - Jason Kocol)

Corpses swell to burst
Drenched down to the bone
Survivors left to rot
On rooftops all alone
Atrophying in the sun
They'll expire and putrefy
Then destiny is manifest
Our spoils are purified